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Food Friday: Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

Just like burger places, there are lots of options for Mexican or Tex-Mex food in the Oklahoma City metro. One that I love is a small restaurant in Warr Acres that serves some really good food. Tucked away in a strip mall on the southeast corner of NW 39th Expressway and MacArthur, this is a hidden gem that’s getting more popular.

We stopped by on a cloudy Friday night, our second visit in a year, it was busy enough but not too crowded. We immediately were seated and brought chips, salsa, and queso. The first thing we tried on this visit was the queso fundido. If you haven’t tried this dish, it’s chorizo fried with onions and peppers then served in a cast iron skillet with a cheese topping. It was really very good, not too much spice but different from the complementary salsa and queso. Now I ordered my standard chimichangas with shredded beef and sour cream sauce topping it, served of course with beans and rice. I really like their chimichangas, the beef was a shredded fajita meat and the sour cream sauce has a cheese tang that I really enjoy, much different from other Tex-Mex places in town. Big K had the burritos El Paso, this dish has marinated steak with a cheese and green sauce on top, also served with beans and rice. He liked the steak, said it nice and tender with a good flavor.

Service was really great. Our server was good and the food was prepared quickly, so not a long wait. The ambiance is also nice, the painted tables and chairs lighten the room. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 3800 N MacArthur Blvd., Suite A, Warr Acres.

Food Friday: Casa Perico

I drive past this restaurant everyday, in an old Braums building on NW 63rd Street. Every time I think, “You know, I need to try this place.” Took me 4 years but we finally stopped a few weeks ago and now I wish I had stopped earlier, this place is outstanding.

Since it is in an old Braums, it is small inside but they do have patio for outdoor dining. Of course they have the typical Tex-Mex menu, so I went with my favorite chimichanga. They have a large selection of sides so along with my rice, I tried some Mexican corn. First thing that was served were the chips with salsa and queso. Perfect starter for my first trip, the chips were light and buttery. The queso was thick and creamy with just enough kick to give it good flavor. Next up was the main course, the ground beef chimichanga was deep fried to a golden crisp. It was a good size but not too large, I could actually finish it without asking for a to-go box. The ground beef and cheese mixed inside quite well with a bowl of sour cream sauce for pouring over or dipping. The rice and corn were equally good as well.

The service was great, food was prepared quickly and the chips and queso were replenished frequently. Since I no longer eat fast food Mexican, I will add Casa Perico to my list of favorite Mexican places along with San Marcos and Chelinos. They do have a second location near Quail Springs Mall, I just haven’t visited it yet. I happily give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 4521 NW 63rd St., Oklahoma City; 12219 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City.

Food Friday: Abel’s Mexican Restaurant


So on many Friday and Saturday nights the parking lot of Abel’s at NW 50th and MacArthur is packed.  Usually that’s a sign that the food is good, so one Saturday afternoon we decided to try it.  I have to admit, I walked away unimpressed.  So on a weeknight, I stopped again to see if my opinion would be different.  I was wrong.

They serve just standard fare Tex-Mex, tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and burritos.  Nothing really fancy or creative.  I was seated quickly on both visits and brought the typical chips, salsa and queso.  The chips were nothing really special and the queso was way too runny for my liking.  Both times I ordered beef chimichangas with sour cream sauce with beans and rice on the side.  The beans and rice are ok.  The chimichanga just lacks flavor, the hamburger meat just has no spice at all.  The worst though is the sour cream sauce, very runny with no tang.

The service is good, just the food is lacking.  So I’m going to give them 2 strips of bacon.  I’ll go back but try something different.

Food Friday: San Marcos

San Marcos bird

It’s no secret that there are  a lot of Tex-Mex restaurants in the OKC metro but one of my favorites is San Marcos.  I was first introduced to their food in 2002, one of my husbands’ co-workers took him there for lunch.  A few days later, my husband thought I would enjoy their food as well.  At this point I was pregnant and would eat anything spicy (which is interesting since the child now hates everything spicy).  I really like their chips- the queso isn’t bad and even though I haven’t had it in a while, I remember their salsa being good as well.

Now if you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that once I find one thing to eat at a restaurant, I stick with it.  I have been eating their chimichangas with sour cream sauce for ever but one night I got wild and tried their Pizzadilla De Lujo.  Wow, was this good and different.  Between 2 huge flour tortillas there was cheese, fajita beef, onions, peppers, and bacon.  I really love this but you need to have a big appetite to eat it.  Yes it does come with rice and beans.  It was truly a different way to mix up pizza with Tex-Mex cooking.  Their chimichangas are also good, but I have had better at Zarate’s in Edmond.  I love their rice but really don’t care much for their beans, a bit too runny for me.  At the end of the meal you do get a sopapilla, so try to leave some room.

The first location I visited was on the southside of OKC but they have expanded to NW OKC and I frequently visit the North Rockwell location.  A few years ago they took over an old closed up Burger King and turned it into a colorful representation of a Spanish villa.  I have always had good service at the locations I’ve visited and the food has always been good.  I’m giving them 5 strips of bacon just for that pizzadilla.

Address: 2301 SW 59th St; 12201 N Rockwell Ave.; 1732 S Meridian Ave., all in Oklahoma City.

Food Friday: Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill

Late Aug 2015 545

Edmond, Oklahoma is not my most favorite place in the world- it’s too spread out, some of the people can be rude, and the traffic sucks.  But my wonderful husband works there so if I want to visit him for lunch, I have to go to Edmond.  I don’t like eating at the major chain restaurants much, so he takes me to different places.  And one of those places he introduced me to is Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill on Broadway.

Now this isn’t the same tex-mex that you get here in Oklahoma, this is a more South American twist on what we know as mexican food.  They have the typical enchiladas, tacos and chimichangas but with a different taste than what I’ve had at other restaurants.  My personal favorite is the fajita beef chimichanga with sour cream sauce.  The beef is spiced differently than what I’ve had before and the sour cream sauce is just wonderful, has more of a sour cream tartness to it than others I’ve tasted.  I’ve also tried the enchiladas and quesadillas, the spinach quesadilla is my second favorite item on the menu.  Of course it all comes with beans and rice.  I will admit, I’ve never had the beans.  Because of the food abuse inflicted on me when I was younger by my mother, I can’t stand the smell, sight or taste of beans.  So I order double rice instead, it’s also really good- not too sticky with corn and peppers.

My husband has been the more adventurous one, he’s had the Papa Rellenas, ground beef wrapped in mashed potatoes then fried, his personal favorite.  He’s also tried the Empanadas and so many of the other offerings that he couldn’t remember them all.  This is also where they make the only guacamole in town that he will eat.  He loves it and even introduced it to his parents- I hear my father-in-law loved it.  Of course you get the normal chips, queso, and salsa with your meal.  As good as the entrees are the chips are the best.  Wish I could find them this good for at home.  I really could eat these chips all day and not feel bad.  The salsa was ok and the queso could be improved, needs to have more of the South American spices added.  But seriously the chips are killer.

Opened in 2007 by Jorge Zarate, who is a native of Peru, he brings a mix of Brazilian, Jamaican, Peruvian, Cuban, Mexican and Tex-Mex to Edmond in a small but colorful building.  You can often see Mr. Zarate himself seating guests, taking orders or serving food.  The wait staff has always been friendly and helpful, service has always been good- no complaints.  I give it my personal ranking of 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 706 S. Broadway, Edmond, OK  (east side of the road)

Late Aug 2015 542

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