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Return of the Bathroom Jedi


In the women’s bathroom at the new Mutts Amazing Hot Dogs in Edmond.


Hello!  This is Mae, reporting for bathroom duty.  I apologize for my recent absence, but I fear my allies in the Intergalactic Resistance desperately needed my guidance in the battle against the First Order to save the galaxy from destruction.  But alas, Starkiller Base has been destroyed and I have been forced to return to this miserable planet. So I am back to my quest of exploring the world’s finest bathrooms.

Mutts Amazing Hot Dogs

When I learned a new Mutts was opening in Edmond, I was automatically excited.  I must admit I did not expect the bathroom here to be as nice as it was, but I must rate it with  5 rolls of toilet paper.  It was clean, smelled nice, a good size, and the blue and green color scheme was very calming.  The polka dot tiles forming a stripe around the wall gave the room a very nice vibe.  As you go in, you are greeted by a smiling dog on the door.  This was by far one of the nicest bathrooms I’ve been in Oklahoma City.


Klemm’s Smoke Haus

Just like with Mutts, I did not expect much from the bathroom at Klemm’s.  I was quite surprised at how nice it was in there.  My personal favorite detail was the cluster of black stones in the sink, giving the whole place an earthy feel.  This was intensified by the plant by the sink, as well as the floral print bench by the door.  This restaurant is more than just the bathroom though, I go there for the mac n cheese and pickles.  The mac n cheese is warm and creamy while the pickles are tangy and sour, Klemm’s is the perfect place to go if you are hungry.

5  rolls of toilet paper

Tucker’s Onion Burgers

One of my family’s favorite places to get burgers is the Tucker’s on Classen Curve. Tucker’s bathroom is generally pretty nice.  The room is mostly white, with a door you can see through, though not enough to see anything but a silhouette.  It is a nice clean place to do what you need.

5 rolls of toilet paper

Though not as exciting as my intergalactic travels, my bathroom quest is one I can settle with.  The once disgusting bathrooms of the past are becoming cleaner and cleaner.  I will be sure to update my reviews as often as I can.  Mae out!



Food Friday: Gloria’s Kitchen


Update Sept 1st, 2021:  Closed.

I love getting on the roads and small highways in Oklahoma.  I love driving to small towns.  I stop for a while, walk around, talk to people, learn about the town.  A few weeks ago I took off, with no destination in mind, driving towards the southwest on two lane highways and I eventually ended in Hinton.  I can talk more about the history of Hinton later but while I was there I tried a little restaurant on U.S. Highway 281.  Wow- I was completely blown away by how good it was.

Gloria’s Kitchen sits on the north side of Hinton on U.S. Highway 281.  A big barn like building, there is the restaurant on the front and an antique store on the back.  I had originally just stopped at the store but you can easily go from the store to the restaurant through a doorway.  Between the fact I could smell the food and saw a sign advertising bread pudding, decided it was time for lunch.  I walked in towards the menu- burgers, steaks, even salads, but I wasn’t real hungry.  At this point a nice gentleman came in next to me and told me to try a bacon cheeseburger.  I replied that I wasn’t that hungry and I needed to save room for the bread pudding so I was going to get something small.  He walked away before I ordered a patty melt.  It wasn’t very busy so it didn’t take long for my meal to arrive.  Remember I wasn’t very hungry, so imagine my shock when they place a huge patty melt with a mountain of fries next to it in front of me.  I decided that maybe I was hungry after all and got to work.  The patty melt was really good- served on texas toast, it was extra buttery, extra cheesy, just the right amount of onion to go with a hamburger patty seasoned to perfection.  The pile of hand cut fries that came with it were just as good.  About halfway through, the man I had talked to came back into the restaurant looked at me and said, “I thought you weren’t that hungry?”  I had to reply that I didn’t expect there to be so much food.  I was stuffed after eating this big meal but still made room for the bread pudding.  The slice was good as well, the only downside was I felt it needed more sauce.

Overall it was a great visit to Gloria’s Kitchen.  The staff was very nice and everyone I came in contact with was friendly.  The food was great but I’m warning you, be prepared to eat or get a to go box.  It is worth the time to get off I-40 and head about 3 miles south on U.S. Highway 281.  I’m going to give it five strips of bacon.

Address: 1206 Broadway, Hinton, OK.  Broadway and U.S. Highway 281 are the same through Hinton.  Gloria’s Kitchen is north of downtown Hinton.

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