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Food Friday: Falcone’s Pizzeria

Falcones Pizza

I first heard about Falcone’s Pizzeria many years ago when the owner decided to tell off the Edmond Planning Commission back in 2007. Danny Falcone had just opened a new location in Edmond and the city didn’t want him to put up an awning in the colors of the Italian flag, so he banned them from his restaurant. Hey anyone who didn’t like members of Edmond city government couldn’t be that bad, so we stopped at the Edmond location and visited many times until the location was closed. The only location left is on North May Avenue.

I’ve never been to New York to try New York style pizza but I think Falcone’s is about as close as I can get in Oklahoma. We usually get the 18 inch pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives. This pizza is so big, you can feed a family of four on it easily. The crust is light and thin, the cheese and toppings thick on the top. Now I’m also not going to lie, it’s got some grease on it as well but my dad would always say, “The greasier the better”. You can get smaller pizzas but why? Seriously they do have a personal pizza so you can do your own thing. We always start with mozzarella sticks that are big and chunky. Now unfortunately they have no ranch for dipping but I can get over that. If you aren’t full from the pizza, or even if you are, get some cannoli. Either plain or chocolate dipped, doesn’t matter, these are some of the best in town.

I highly recommend a visit. Service is always good along with the food. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address:6705 N May Ave., Oklahoma City.

Food Friday: Billy Burger

Update: Both the Midwest City and Tulsa locations have closed.

There are legends in the history of OU football and one of the biggest from the 1970’s is Billy Sims. Now I grew up watching that man running all over teams who were playing OU and his Heisman is well deserved. In 2004 he opened Billy Sims Barbeque, that has been quite successful around the state. Well now he has moved into burgers and trust me, this is a great move.

I heard about the opening of the first Billy Burger in Midwest City in late 2020. After much convincing we finally got out there last spring and I’ve been back several times because it is just that good for a long drive. They have a very simple menu- a single burger, double burger, the 1978 BBQ bacon burger, and a chicken sandwich. Fries, either plain or loaded, and cheese curds as a side, with milkshakes and a slice of chocolate cake to go with your burger options.

I go big and get the 1978 BBQ bacon burger. It is huge with great taste and fresh veggies. The meat is seared to perfection with a wonderful flavor. Bacon is crisp and the barbeque sauce compliments everything. I really enjoy this burger. The sides are equally as good. The loaded fries are smothered in queso and bacon. The queso is really good and perfect for covering the fries. Then there are the cheese curds, deep fried with a side of ranch. Both sides are great. Another wonderful treat is the triple chocolate cake, so rich and decadent. The chocolate buttercream covers the moist cake. Just one slice is all you need. If you want you can get it mixed in with a milkshake as well. I tried it and the chunks of cake are so plentiful, almost like getting an extra slice of cake.

Right now there is only 1 location in the metro, there has been a new one opened in Tulsa just recently. I hope that more locations are coming because the food is great. The service has always been quick and helpful. The Midwest City location is always super clean. I give them 5 strips of bacon with a piece of chocolate cake.

Food Friday: Chicken Foot

There are a lot of choices for good chicken sandwiches- you can go the safe route of Chick Fil A, or the spicy local Nashbird. But I discovered a new challenger for the best chicken sandwich throne, Chicken Foot. I had heard so many of my friends loving this place that finally over the summer we stopped to try it and we’ve been back several times since.

They not only have a great chicken sandwich but the whole bird, half bird and tenders. I haven’t tried anything but the sandwich, I get the basic chick, mostly because of the bacon on it of course. It’s really good, I get it fried (not grilled). Has a good crunch on the breading with moist chicken inside. Served on a soft brioche bun with cheddar cheese and bacon. My husband is more adventurous and has gotten the sticky chicky and habanero hot. I try a bite each time, pretty good but not my style. Now the trip we made with Mae before she went to college, she got the tenders. I was lucky to get a bite and the chicken was like on the sandwich.

As good as their chicken sandwiches are, I enjoy two of their menu items more- the Okie poutine and the hot cinny bun. First I’ll start with the poutine, this is an Okie version complete with cream gravy. I’m not a fan of brown gravy ( I have a rant about brown vs cream gravy but I’ll share that some other time ), so I’ve never tried the original Canadian version of a poutine. This version is really good, the fries are crisp as are the bacon pieces. The cream gravy mixes well with the cheddar cheese on top. It comes in a huge tray with enough for the whole table. I have also tried the honey butter my biscuits, they were good as well. Light and buttery, good to share with the table as well.

But I need to take a whole paragraph to describe the hot cinny bun. I have had lots of cinnamon buns in my life time. Many have come from the Pillsbury roll, seriously I was in my 20’s before I realized they didn’t always come in the little tube. Since then I have had many homemade cinnamon rolls including the good ones from Okarche. These are the best I’ve ever had- first of all, the roll is huge, I’m not joking, huge. It comes on it’s own platter. It’s right out of the oven, so still steaming hot with the best warm buttercream icing that I have ever tasted. There is so much icing that the huge roll is swimming in it. The roll itself is buttery and gooey with the right amount of cinnamon. I love this roll so much I might not ever be able to eat them out of the tube again.

Located in the new Chisholm Creek entertainment district in NW Oklahoma City at Western and Memorial, just southwest of the Kilpatrick turnpike. It sits up against Memorial Road, right east of the pond. There is a giant fiberglass chicken that sits between the building and the pond. There is indoor and outdoor seating, so good for anytime of the day. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address:1316 W Memorial Rd, Suite 100, Oklahoma City.

Basic chick sandwich
Okie Poutine
Hot Cinny Bun

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

On a crisp Saturday morning we decided to take off and road trip out old Route 66. This is always a beautiful drive, heading out west from Yukon, past the small town of Banner, into El Reno. From there keep going out west, past the farms and valleys, listening to the rhythmic thumping of the original Portland concrete. I love going down the Bridgeport hill, with the South Canadian River valley spread out in front of you as you glide down the incline. There is a small piece of original pavement where it swept to the left to go across the Pony Bridge. Past the crumbling Hinton Junction, with a quick stop at Lucille’s Provine Service Station, through Weatherford, then into Clinton. Lots to see on the way here but I am here to talk exclusively about the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum.

Opened in Sept 1995, this is a nice stop to learn about the history of Route 66 though the state of Oklahoma. Through the black double doors, the first stop is the building of the highway. Not just pictures but the actual tools used are on display. Smudge pots and surveyors tools that show how rough the building of the highway was back in 1926. The next display is of a service station. These were vital along the route back in its heyday. So many cars would fail along the trip, the service stations were a life line for those who had car trouble. Another display shows bus lines and freight transit along the route. Then into a replica diner, just like today, you needed to have a place with good food to sit and relax. Next up is a hippie painted VW Bus, to show how the route was used by their free spirits. Then onto the decertification of Route 66 and its resurgence over the past 25 years.

This is a really cool place to visit. Takes about an hour to go through but you learn a lot about the history of Route 66 through Oklahoma. I love seeing the pictures of what the road looked like not only during the building of the highway but of the years following. The museum also has plenty of static displays inside and out of life as it was on the old route. Of course the heyday of Route 66 was from the 1930’s to the late 1950’s. As the road was bypassed by Interstates 44 and 40 in Oklahoma, many sections of the old highway were left abandoned. Oklahoma does still have over 400 miles of Route 66 still drivable and I’ll talk about that some other time.

The Oklahoma Route 66 museum is a nice stop to get out of the car, stretch your legs, and learn about the old road as it meanders through the state.

Address: 2229 W Gary Blvd., Clinton.

Reproduction of an old gas station on Route 66
Reproduction of an old Ford used to take Oklahomans to California in the 1930’s
Old VW Bus
Diner moved to the museum site

Food Friday: Yo Pablo Tacos and Tequila

First I started to see billboards with a new place coming to Rockwell and NW 122nd called Yo Pablo, then after it opened, I had friends raving about this place. So one Saturday night over the summer we stopped to see what it was about. To be honest, our first trip wasn’t that great. The music was way too loud, lots of ingredients were sold out so there were items you couldn’t order, and even thought the queso was good, there weren’t enough chips to dip. I decided that I would let them find their feet and try them again later. Well I had that opportunity last week.

My second visit was much better than the first, everything on the menu was available, so I ordered the chips and queso along with 3 tacos- quesabirria taco, braised pork belly, and sweet chile shrimp. The chips and queso were up first, this time there were plenty of chips along with a note on the wall that stated if you need more they were free. So at least that problem was fixed. The chips were thin and crispy, lightly salted and perfect for dipping into that delectable queso. This queso is so good I could eat it everyday and not get tired of it, thick with just enough spice to it to give it a bit of a kick. If you go for anything, just get the chips and queso. Now to the tacos, with my love of bacon, I really wanted to like the braised pork belly but it was my least favorite of the 3. I found it to be a bit dry and tasteless, really disappointing. The sweet chile shrimp was much better, plentiful shrimp mixed with black bean and corn salsa. Lots of flavors exploding all at once, it was good. Last up was the quesabirria taco, this was more of a traditional soft taco. This has beef birria with a melted cheese inside. I really enjoyed this taco as well, the beef with lots of cheese was more of what I’m used to in a taco.

As I said in the beginning my first visit wasn’t great but it was also a Saturday night, my second visit was a Friday afternoon so it is a different atmosphere. I’m not sure if they still have loud music at night, so be warned it might be hard to hear if you visit. Also keep in mind I’m not one to complain about loud music, I’ve always said “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” but in a restaurant setting I like to be able to speak with others at my table. Service was good both times, no issues there. I was only visiting the location at Rockwell and NW 122nd, there are 4 other location in the metro to visit. I’m going to give them 4 strips of bacon.

Address: 6728 N Olie Ave., Oklahoma City; 12305 N Rockwell Ave., Oklahoma City; 1200 West Covell Road, Edmond; 745 Asp Ave., Norman.

Food Friday: Zac’s Cajun Kitchen

Update Mar 4th, 2022: Sadly they have closed. Between high prices for food and trouble getting employees, they just couldn’t stay in business. Not sure what they are going to do next but you can bet I’ll be there.

If you have been reading my stuff for a while you might remember how much I loved Bigheads in Edmond. So in 2016 when they closed I was devastated, I loved their food. I tried a few other places that come close but none quite as good. Then I learned in early fall of 2019 that Bigheads was coming back but under a new name- Zac’s Cajun Kitchen.

Opened in October of 2019 at a new location of 12600 N Pennsylvania Ave in Oklahoma City, they have all the old favorites plus some new menu items. The shrimp po’boys are still excellent served with those extra crispy fries. They also have po’boys with chicken, catfish, crawfish, and new to the menu, soft shell crab. We have also tried many of their starters- my personal favorite is the fried jalapenos. Breaded and deep fried, served up with homemade ranch. The fried pickles are just as good, fried the same way also served with ranch. Another favorite is the shrimpnado, breaded and deep fried shrimp wrapped in bacon and served on a stick with house bbq sauce. The shrimp egg rolls are also excellent, huge shrimp wrapped in an egg roll wrapper served with house sauce. They do have burgers and street tacos as well as different seafood boils, I also love their pasta dishes. The Mardi Gras pasta is delicious, fettuccini with blackened shrimp, chicken, and bacon with a decadent alfredo sauce.

Their food is outstanding and their service is as well. The owners, who are also Sooners as well, are some of the nicest people you will meet in the business. Their passion for good food, and doing good for the community as well, shows when you walk in the door. So stop by and give them a try, who knows, you’ll probably see me sitting in the corner with a po’boy. They get 5 strips of bacon from me.

Address- 12600 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City.

Shrimp Po’boy

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