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Food Friday: Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

Just like burger places, there are lots of options for Mexican or Tex-Mex food in the Oklahoma City metro. One that I love is a small restaurant in Warr Acres that serves some really good food. Tucked away in a strip mall on the southeast corner of NW 39th Expressway and MacArthur, this is a hidden gem that’s getting more popular.

We stopped by on a cloudy Friday night, our second visit in a year, it was busy enough but not too crowded. We immediately were seated and brought chips, salsa, and queso. The first thing we tried on this visit was the queso fundido. If you haven’t tried this dish, it’s chorizo fried with onions and peppers then served in a cast iron skillet with a cheese topping. It was really very good, not too much spice but different from the complementary salsa and queso. Now I ordered my standard chimichangas with shredded beef and sour cream sauce topping it, served of course with beans and rice. I really like their chimichangas, the beef was a shredded fajita meat and the sour cream sauce has a cheese tang that I really enjoy, much different from other Tex-Mex places in town. Big K had the burritos El Paso, this dish has marinated steak with a cheese and green sauce on top, also served with beans and rice. He liked the steak, said it nice and tender with a good flavor.

Service was really great. Our server was good and the food was prepared quickly, so not a long wait. The ambiance is also nice, the painted tables and chairs lighten the room. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 3800 N MacArthur Blvd., Suite A, Warr Acres.

Food Friday: Abel’s Mexican Restaurant


So on many Friday and Saturday nights the parking lot of Abel’s at NW 50th and MacArthur is packed.  Usually that’s a sign that the food is good, so one Saturday afternoon we decided to try it.  I have to admit, I walked away unimpressed.  So on a weeknight, I stopped again to see if my opinion would be different.  I was wrong.

They serve just standard fare Tex-Mex, tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and burritos.  Nothing really fancy or creative.  I was seated quickly on both visits and brought the typical chips, salsa and queso.  The chips were nothing really special and the queso was way too runny for my liking.  Both times I ordered beef chimichangas with sour cream sauce with beans and rice on the side.  The beans and rice are ok.  The chimichanga just lacks flavor, the hamburger meat just has no spice at all.  The worst though is the sour cream sauce, very runny with no tang.

The service is good, just the food is lacking.  So I’m going to give them 2 strips of bacon.  I’ll go back but try something different.

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