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Food Friday: Victoria’s- The Pasta Shop

Victoria's 3I try to look for new local places to eat, so while driving on SW 104th street I was keeping an eye out for something different.  After seeing way too many national chain restaurants, I was about to settle on stopping at Crest to get some generic microwaveable lunch when  as I pulled in I saw a sign for Victoria’s- The Pasta Shop.  Well this has got to be better than that prepackaged slop from Crest, so I stopped to check it out.

Located at the end of the strip mall that runs along the north side of Crest, I was seated immediately.  The menu was fairly simple, only a few appetizers and a limited number of entrée’s.  I ordered stuffed mushrooms to start and they were brought out quickly.  Over a dozen mushrooms caps, filled with pesto and onions, covered with cheese.  They had a great flavor and I really enjoyed them.  The entrée menu had the normal spaghetti, lasagna, and fettuccine but one thing was different- lasagna rolls.  This is what I wanted to try- spinach, cheese, and shrimp rolled inside lasagna noodles covered with alfredo and marinara.  Also brought out quickly, two big lasagna rolls garnished with a large french roll on top.  This all had a good taste to it.

As I learned, there is another location in Norman near the University of Oklahoma.  Hopefully they have the same great service and atmosphere.  I give it five strips of bacon.

Address:  Oklahoma City- 3000 SW 104th Street; Norman- 327 White Street.







Food Friday: Gyro City Cafe

Gyro City CafeI had seen gyro’s offered for years but never tried them until I met my husband.  He introduced them to me on the first trip we made together to the Oklahoma State Fair.  Once again, another wonderful food he had brought into my life.  The only problem was for many years the only place I thought I could get them was at the fair.  For some odd reason I just didn’t think you could get them anywhere else, so a few years ago while complaining that I wanted a gyro but it wasn’t fair season my husband spoke up, “You know there’s a gyro place down Northwest Highway, right?”  Well no, I never realized that I had been driving right by Gyro City Café for years.
For those of you who don’t know what a gyro is, let me explain- it’s a Greek sandwich with meat, onions, tomato, and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita.  The meat can be any type from beef, veal, mutton, pork or chicken as long as it’s cooked on a vertical rotisserie.  This type of sandwich has been around since ancient times being developed in the Mediterranean.  It’s a different type of sandwich but it is good and Gyro City Café makes one of the best in town.  They pile so much meat on that it’s almost impossible to fold up the pita, but that’s ok, you know you’re not getting cheated.  You can leave off any of the veggies and the sauce comes in a little cup so you can control how much you get.
If you order the meal at Gyro City Café, you get the huge gyro, a can of pop, and french fries.  Their fries are just regular crinkle cut fries but the way they’re cooked makes them perfect.  Crispy on the outside, just the way I like them.  You can also get baklava as dessert.  A treat also from the Mediterranean, it’s a pastry with nuts and soaked in honey.
So if you’re in Northwest Oklahoma City and near the Highway to Hell, stop by Gyro City Café.  I give it five strips of bacon.
Address: 7300 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City.  On the south side of the road just west of Rockwell in the Rockwell Plaza.

Gyro City Cafe 2


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