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Food Friday: Taste of Soul Giant Egg Rolls

After finding myself in the Mid-Del area, I decided to try something new- Taste of Soul Giant Egg Rolls. I have had plenty of regular sized egg rolls but never giant ones, these are also unique because of the fact you can get different ingredients in each egg roll. I tried a bacon hash brown and cheese egg roll and a Okie cheesesteak roll. First off, these egg rolls really are huge, they took up one side of the to-go box. On the other side was fried rice, now I’m picky about my fried rice but this stuff was great. Fried to perfection with huge pieces of egg mixed in. The egg rolls themselves were also quite good. Having different ingredients than normal Chinese food egg rolls is really creative and livens up the egg roll.

The service was great, everyone there was so friendly. The only downside is that it’s a 30-minute drive across town from my house. It was a bit hard to find, located at the end of a strip mall on the northside of SE 29th St. I look forward to another visit because I need to try more of what they offer. I give them 5 strips of bacon, in an egg roll of course.

Address: 4605 SE 29th St., Oklahoma City.

Food Friday: Del Rancho

For today’s review I am going to talk about an old favorite, Del Rancho. To me this restaurant is the epitome of comfort food in the Oklahoma City metro. The first time I remember eating at one, I was 6 years old and we took our food back to my grandmother’s house in Norman. While eating, I lost 1 of my teeth. It fell to the floor but I remember the panic while crawling on the floor trying to find it. If I didn’t have that tooth, I wouldn’t get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Of course, the best thing to order on their menu is what they are known for, the Steak Sandwich Supreme. I know there are other items on the menu, but I’ve only tried a few because I want that huge steak sandwich. Basically, it’s a chicken fried steak slapped on a bun. The steak itself is huge and when covered with lots of breading and deep fried, it becomes massive. There is just something they get right with the flavor, it is truly one of the best chicken fried steaks in town and yes you can order it just as a meal. Back to the sandwich, the chicken fried steak is placed on the bun with mayo (Miracle Whip), lettuce and tomato. Really it doesn’t get much better than the Steak Sandwich Supreme. I have read on their website that the sandwich was perfected in 1964.

They also have some of the best sides in town. I love their hand breaded onion rings. The onions are huge as well and lightly breaded with a similar taste as the chicken fried steak. The tator tots are also good and deep fried to be crisp on the outside. My favorite is the fried green beans. The only way to eat green beans are fried and they do a great job. Lightly breaded and served with a housemade ranch, my favorite side.

There are locations all over the metro area, the first one I ate at was in Norman on Lindsey Street near I-35. It’s still there after opening in 1979. There are some that you can go in and sit down and other where you just drive up. I highly recommend getting the Steak Sandwich Supreme with a side of onion rings. The true definition of Oklahoma comfort food, they get 5 strips of bacon.

Address- Norman- 2300 W Lindsey St.; Moore- 1409 N Moore Ave.; Mustang- 462 W Highway 152; Midwest City- 9411 NW 10th St., 9201 SE 29th St.; Oklahoma City- 5111 N MacArthur Blvd., 2741 NE 23rd St., 16 SW 59th St.; Tahlequah- 4800 S Muskogee.

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