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Food Friday: 405 Pizza

I love trying new local pizza places. 405 Pizza has been in west Edmond for a couple years and over the summer I had a chance to try it. Since then, we’ve been back a couple times. They are just a simple small pizza restaurant.

To start, we have their garlic cheese bread. This is just a cheesy goodness. I like when there is more cheese than crust and this cheese bread is perfect. Next up is their pizza, we’ve had a couple different kinds and they have all been great. A nice light flavor to the crust and plenty of cheese and toppings. We also tried a calzone on our last visit, that was also good. Stuffed so full that it got messy (and messy is always good with food).

The customer service has always been good and the restaurant clean. We have also gotten takeout, which went well. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 2125 NW 178th St., Edmond.

Food Friday: Basic Knead

I don’t often get to eat on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, but when I get to Norman, I try to stop by Basic Knead. This is a small university run cafe that specializes in personal pizzas and pastas.

I learned about it last year when Mae was a freshman. She was trained to work there just in case someone called out. Soon I was hearing about the pasta she was eating almost every night and I wanted to try it. So one Saturday night last year, we drove down and got our own personal pasta dishes. The have several options but I went with a penne pasta, drizzled with alfredo, then added pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives. After a topping of cheese, the dish is placed in a brick oven to be fired. After a wait, my pasta dish was delivered and it was glorious. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the cheese was melted crisp. On my next trip, I got a personal pizza. This was prepared similarly, personal sized crust, with alfredo, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and topped with cheese. Baked in the same fired oven, this pizza was just as good as a pizza you would get at Hideaway (and much better than the national pizza places).

Basic Knead was her go to dinner spot for the fall semester but it was shut down in the spring due to not enough employees. Mae was anxious when she went back to campus this fall, would her beloved Basic Knead be open again. Fortunately it is and she says it’s just as good as last year. So if you find yourself on campus and looking for some pasta or pizza, try Basic Knead. You can find it south of Lindsey in Cross Village.

Address: 1695 Asp Ave., Norman.

Food Friday: Woodward Pizza

Detroit style pizza is somewhat new to Oklahoma but is taking off quickly. One of the newest places to offer this style of pizza is Woodward Pizza at the Icehouse Project in Edmond.

We visited on a quiet Saturday morning right before the lunch crowd showed up. We started with spicy cheese curds. These deep-fried cheese curds have plenty of heat with them, they do come with ranch to put the fire out. If you have someone with you who might not like spicy, this definitely isn’t for them. As for the pizza, we ordered the trippple XXXtra pepperoni. This pizza is really good. Nice flavor to the deep-dish crust. The cheese and pepperoni were piled high with crispy cheese burnt around the edge. The red sauce goes on last and it was good (to tell the truth I’m not a red sauce fan). Now for a brief history of Detroit style pizza, it was of course developed in Detroit. The square shape comes from using automotive drip pans to bake the pizza. It’s been a thing in Detroit for many years but only recently has spread through the country.

I really enjoyed our first visit to Woodward Pizza and ready to go back. The service was great as well, the employees very friendly. They told me that the menu will most likely grow in the future. This is part of the new Icehouse Project, there will be more restaurants in this space. I’m giving them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 119 W 2nd St. Suite 100, Edmond.

Food Friday: Falcone’s Pizzeria

Falcones Pizza

I first heard about Falcone’s Pizzeria many years ago when the owner decided to tell off the Edmond Planning Commission back in 2007. Danny Falcone had just opened a new location in Edmond and the city didn’t want him to put up an awning in the colors of the Italian flag, so he banned them from his restaurant. Hey anyone who didn’t like members of Edmond city government couldn’t be that bad, so we stopped at the Edmond location and visited many times until the location was closed. The only location left is on North May Avenue.

I’ve never been to New York to try New York style pizza but I think Falcone’s is about as close as I can get in Oklahoma. We usually get the 18 inch pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives. This pizza is so big, you can feed a family of four on it easily. The crust is light and thin, the cheese and toppings thick on the top. Now I’m also not going to lie, it’s got some grease on it as well but my dad would always say, “The greasier the better”. You can get smaller pizzas but why? Seriously they do have a personal pizza so you can do your own thing. We always start with mozzarella sticks that are big and chunky. Now unfortunately they have no ranch for dipping but I can get over that. If you aren’t full from the pizza, or even if you are, get some cannoli. Either plain or chocolate dipped, doesn’t matter, these are some of the best in town.

I highly recommend a visit. Service is always good along with the food. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address:6705 N May Ave., Oklahoma City.

Food Friday: Hideaway Pizza

hidaway pizza

I have found myself getting picky about my pizza recently.  Back when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was perfectly happy with Ci-Ci’s pizza.  I could damn near eat a whole pizza all by myself and I enjoyed it.  I also liked Pizza Hut and Mazzio’s but now 15 years later I have become a pizza snob.  I shed no tears when Ci-Ci’s on NW Highway closed, I can’t stand the taste of Pizza Hut, have no desire to stop at Mazzio’s, and refuse to go back in Pizza Inn.  So in NW Oklahoma City, that doesn’t leave many options.  Initially, I didn’t want to try Hideaway because it was founded in Stillwater and for a die-hard Sooner (I was also born in Norman, so there’s that as well), it was hard for me to want to stop but my persistent husband finally talked me into it.

I know their pizzas are legendary, but I wanted to try the fried mushrooms to start.  The server brought a bowl with a big pile of steaming fried mushrooms along with ranch and marinara for dipping.  Honestly, these are the best fried mushrooms on the planet.  I was immediately in love with them and have to get them every time we visit.  The crunchy batter is fried to perfection while not over-cooking the mushroom inside.  The homemade ranch that is served with them is a perfect addition to help cool the temperature for eating, plus you can also save it to dip the crust in after you’ve eaten the rest of the slice.

Now for the pizza, our first visit we got the pepperoni palooza.  Three types of pepperoni piled on top of the hand-tossed crust (there is also a thin crust but I haven’t tried it yet).  It was wonderful, there was the proper amount of grease from the pepperoni but not too soggy.  The crust is almost biscuit like, very flavorful but not overpowering.  We got a large and had enough to take home for later.  So needless to say we’ve been back many times now, always trying a different pizza.  We’ve now tried The Boz, Cimarron, the Capone, and the Sicilian.  Every pizza has been great.  There are about 20 different pizza’s to select from plus sandwiches and pasta.  They also have some deserts that look really good but I’m always too stuffed to try them.

The service is always good and we are seated quickly.  Never a problem with cleanliness either.  The price is about the same as the chain pizza places but the quality is much better.  I know the original location is Stillwater has been around since 1957 but they have been spreading out over the state the past few years.  The best part of Hideaway is that there are many locations to try even though I’ve only been to the NW Highway location.  I give it 5 strips of bacon plus a couple of fried mushrooms just for fun.

Addresses:  5501 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City; 5950 W. Memorial Rd., Oklahoma City; 5022 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City; 901 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City; 116 E. 16th St., Edmond; 835 SW 19th St., Moore; 577 Buchanan Ave., Norman; 1701 Shedeck Parkway, Yukon; 100 SW Frank Phillips Blvd., Bartlesville; Several locations in Tulsa, and Arkansas; and the original in Stillwater at 230 S. Knoblock.




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