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Food Friday: The Lokal


Last Friday was a cold and rainy day, which meant time for some comfort food.  So I braved the water and drove to Yukon to experience The Lokal, a new restaurant on old Route 66.  Tucked away on the western most corner of an old grocery store is where you’ll find this new location for culinary delights.

Being early lunch time, I was seated immediately.  Nice large wooden table but I hate those metal chairs that are everywhere now, just not comfortable.  My order was taken quickly and yes I started with some of their famous deep fried deviled eggs.  Regular deviled eggs are great (especially when my husband makes them) but bread and deep fry them, better than anything at the fair.  The egg whites themselves are the only thing deep fried, the yolk is mixed with other ingredients and placed on top.  The 6 eggs (yes I ate 2 before I took the pic) come with a side of jalapeno ranch that really gives a spicy kick to an already wonderful appetizer.

Next up was my lunch sized chicken fried steak.  If this is lunch sized, then dinner sized must take up the rest of the plate because it was huge (not that I’m complaining).  Along with my side of mashed potatoes, the steak was generously drowned in cream gravy.  So much so that my fried okra came in a bowl, just to keep them dry.  After I polished off those eggs, I started on the steak.  Fried to a crisp gold brown perfection, the breading was light and took nothing away from the flavor of the steak.  The steak itself was very tender and easy to cut.  The mashed potatoes were great as well, complete with some actual potato chunks and skins.  As good as all of it was, the cream gravy was the star.  They must use real cream in it, I made sure every bite I took had some of that gravy on it including my okra.

Then for dessert I took home a slice of red velvet cheesecake.  The red velvet part was perfect as was the cheesecake.  The service the entire time was wonderful and my food was delivered quickly.  I highly recommend that you check it out while in Yukon.  Go for the deep fried deviled eggs, stay for the cream gravy, 5 strips of bacon from me.

Food Friday: Ann’s Chicken Fry House

Ann's Chicken Fry 4

Update:  Closed as of December 2020.

I have lived in and around Oklahoma City my entire life and I’ve always heard about Ann’s Chicken Fry.  Supposed to be the best chicken fried steak in Oklahoma.  I’ve been eating chicken fried steak since I was five and like to consider myself a connoisseur, so the fact I’ve never been here is surprising.  We had tried a few different times to stop but the parking lot has always been full and a line out the door.  I don’t like crowds, so we never stay.  Finally last weekend it wasn’t busy, so at last I got to try it.

A former gas station, the building is small but has a cool interior with items from pop culture and Oklahoma City history.  The menu has a good selection but what we were there for was the chicken fried steak.  That’s all.  Me and my husband had our dinners with mashed potatoes and okra but Mae had to be different and got green beans instead of okra.  We didn’t have to wait long for our dinners to be brought out.  The steak was huge- took up most of the plate.  Covered in a nice, thick cream gravy as was the mashed potatoes, this looked to be a great eating experience.  The steak was tender enough that you didn’t need a knife to cut it, the fork just slid through the meat.  After the first bite I understood the hype, it really was one of the best chicken fried steaks I’ve ever eaten.  The fried okra was good as was the mashed potatoes.  My only picky complaint was that the texas toast needed a touch more butter before toasting.  Even though Mae is a pre-teen, she has never eaten chicken fried steak before so this was a first for her and actually had nothing to complain about.

WP_20151114_14_31_37_Pro (2)

Inside Ann’s Chicken Fry, 2015.

The service was great and the prices weren’t too bad.  The building had originally been built as a Cities Gas Station in 1948 on old Route 66.  Someone then turned the old building into the Three Bulls Steak House in 1966 with it becoming Ann’s Chicken Fry House in 1971.  Like I said, it does live up to the hype and if you get a chance to stop, it will be worth it.  I give it five strips of bacon with some cream gravy.

Address: 4106 NW 39th St., Oklahoma City.

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