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Food Friday: Hao Palace Super Buffet

Hao Palace

Update:  Closed as of December 2020.

I guess it’s no secret that the Oklahoma City metro has a lot of Chinese buffets.  I’ve tried a few and even have some favorites, one recently added to that list is Hao Palace Super Buffet in Edmond.  Tucked into the Bryant Square Shopping Center, this is a nice place to get some good Chinese.

On the buffet they have many of the staples- General Tso’s Chicken, sesame chicken, fried rice, and a killer seafood casserole that is topped with cheese.  But there are some other selections that I haven’t seen anywhere else such as fried corn nuggets and fried plantain.  But my absolute favorite thing is their tempura fried sushi.  Yes this is just as good as it sounds, regular shrimp sushi dipped in tempura and deep-fried.  I love it, best thing they have on the buffet.  Their regular sushi is good as well so I do recommend getting a few pieces of it along with the tempura sushi.  My one complaint with all Chinese buffets is that their dessert selection stinks- I guess I’m used to Furr’s buffet with those good pies or maybe the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral.  Hao Palace is the same, some cookies, cake, and jello but they also have mousse in little cups.  I will admit I don’t like it, but my daughter can’t get enough of it.  She’ll eat 4 cups of that stuff.

The overall atmosphere is nice- it has always been clean and the staff very attentive.  My favorite part of the dining room is the fish pond in the middle.  You read that right, there is a small pond built right into the middle of the room.  It’s cute and perfect for kids to watch the fish.  So I’m giving Hao Palace 5 strips of bacon, on the strength of the tempura sushi alone.

Address: 524 S. Bryant Ave. Edmond.

Fish inside Hao Palace

Fish pond inside Hao Palace.

Food Friday: Hunan Wok

Bre's Sept 2015 417

I have been eating at Hunan Wok for about twenty years.  My first visit was a lunch date with my soon-to-be husband back in the fall of 1995.  At that time there were two locations, one in Memorial Square at Penn & Memorial (the old shopping center where the AMC theater was), the second was in the Rockwell Plaza on the southwest corner of Rockwell and NW Expressway.  Since we both worked near Memorial Road, we met at that location.  While I had never eaten Chinese buffet, my husband had been going there for years.  After that first visit, it quickly became one of my favorite places to eat.  We usually only visited the Memorial Road location until we bought a house near NW Expressway, then we visited that one more.  The staff had gotten used to seeing us all the time.

The location in Memorial Square closed back in the early 2000’s but the Rockwell Plaza location had moved to its own building east of Rockwell on NW Expressway in 1997.  So we are very familiar with this restaurant.  Service is always good and most of the time the food is excellent.

Best thing on the menu is General Tso’s chicken.  I absolutely love the way they cook this, always nice and gooey.  The fried rice and sweet and sour chicken also rank high with me.  Fried shrimp is ok, could be better but the Crab Rangoon is great.  Now they do have things on the menu like crawfish that I just won’t eat, but remember it’s a buffet so you have plenty of choices.  They also have a Mongolian Barbeque, I’ve never tried it so I don’t know anything about it.  The sushi has a lot to be desired (plus need to list the ingredients).  One of my personal favorites for desert is the Chinese cheesecake, a little bite sized cheesecake in a wonton wrapper.  These are just wonderful, much different taste than any cheesecake I’ve tried before.  Like I said earlier, most of the time the food is good but I have been there on off nights, when some selections just aren’t as fresh.  Also there was a change in ownership around 2010 and some items disappeared which has disappointed me.

This is one of my favorite places for Chinese buffet in Oklahoma City.   I give it five strips of bacon and you might even see me there some night.

Address: 6812 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City.  Just east of the Rockwell on the south side of the road, building sits back from the highway between the Rockwell Northwest shopping center (not sure why it’s called that, sits on the southeast corner) and Slick Willie’s.


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