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Food Friday: Cajun Corner

Cajun Corner opened a few years ago at the SE corner of NW Expressway and Council and they have been a favorite of mine ever since. They have a good selection of po’boys, blackened dishes, pasta, and different seafood baskets.

My favorite is the fried shrimp basket, complete with Cajun fries and hushpuppies. We usually get this to go, the biggest reason- this is where I like to have my dinner from on nights I mow the grass. Yes I know that sounds strange. In the past I would get a Wendy’s Baconator with a Dr. Pepper but since Cajun Corner opened, I send my husband here for dinner. The fried shrimp basket is perfect to cool off with after mowing. Yes I do mow my own yard, started mowing my grandmother’s yard when I was 10 and it just became relaxing to me no matter how much I sweat. But back to Cajun Corner, this basket is simple and they make it quick. Now if I go into their location for dinner I try different things. Their fried shrimp po’boy and crawfish po’boy are excellent. They also have a ribeye Philly cheesesteak that’s pretty good as is the crabby patty, a burger with crab salad. The loaded shrimp fries are also a treat, lots of spice to kick it up. I keep meaning to try their oysters, they have to be done a certain way (the way my grandma Farley cooked them). I’m also interested in their pasta dishes. The owners have done so well with this location that they opened a second location in the Uptown district. I haven’t been there yet but need to try it out as well seeing that they have different menu items.

The service has always been great, no matter if I call the order in for pickup or if I go in. The food is always good. My only real downside with the Council location is the parking lot, but that’s more on the strip mall owners. I definitely give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 9200 N Council, Suite A, Oklahoma City; 312 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City.

Food Friday: Zac’s Cajun Kitchen

Update Mar 4th, 2022: Sadly they have closed. Between high prices for food and trouble getting employees, they just couldn’t stay in business. Not sure what they are going to do next but you can bet I’ll be there.

If you have been reading my stuff for a while you might remember how much I loved Bigheads in Edmond. So in 2016 when they closed I was devastated, I loved their food. I tried a few other places that come close but none quite as good. Then I learned in early fall of 2019 that Bigheads was coming back but under a new name- Zac’s Cajun Kitchen.

Opened in October of 2019 at a new location of 12600 N Pennsylvania Ave in Oklahoma City, they have all the old favorites plus some new menu items. The shrimp po’boys are still excellent served with those extra crispy fries. They also have po’boys with chicken, catfish, crawfish, and new to the menu, soft shell crab. We have also tried many of their starters- my personal favorite is the fried jalapenos. Breaded and deep fried, served up with homemade ranch. The fried pickles are just as good, fried the same way also served with ranch. Another favorite is the shrimpnado, breaded and deep fried shrimp wrapped in bacon and served on a stick with house bbq sauce. The shrimp egg rolls are also excellent, huge shrimp wrapped in an egg roll wrapper served with house sauce. They do have burgers and street tacos as well as different seafood boils, I also love their pasta dishes. The Mardi Gras pasta is delicious, fettuccini with blackened shrimp, chicken, and bacon with a decadent alfredo sauce.

Their food is outstanding and their service is as well. The owners, who are also Sooners as well, are some of the nicest people you will meet in the business. Their passion for good food, and doing good for the community as well, shows when you walk in the door. So stop by and give them a try, who knows, you’ll probably see me sitting in the corner with a po’boy. They get 5 strips of bacon from me.

Address- 12600 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City.

Shrimp Po’boy

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