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Food Friday: MentaliTea and Coffee

I often write in my office at home but sometimes I need someplace quieter with no distractions. I have found a great place to get some coffee, breakfast, and some quiet, MentaliTea and Coffee in Bethany.

On NW 36th Street just to the east of Southern Plaza retirement center, this small building looks industrial but inside is a quiet inviting space. I ordered one of their signature drinks, a lavender latte with a breakfast biscuit that had bacon added. I took a seat in a cozy nook near a window, with a comfy seat and a table to work from, I could look out the window when writers block struck. My latte came out in a cute white mug, with a latte art flower on top. I let it cool while I waited for the biscuit, which soon followed. The biscuit was huge, covered the small plate. It was homemade, buttery and flaky, the bacon added a bit of smoky flavor to it. The latte was smooth, the lavender just added a smoothness to the drink. Even though some people came in, the vibe stayed calm. I stayed for almost 2 hours, just thinking, writing, and enjoying my food.

This will be a new go-to place for me when I need to clear my mind. I will give them 5 strips of bacon, and some peace and quiet.

Address: 6639 NW 36th St., Bethany.

Food Friday: Route 66 Donuts

There are donut shops all over the OKC metro, one of my favorites is Route 66 Donuts, between Council Road and Lake Overholser. Located at the end of a small strip mall right on Route 66, it’s quick and easy to get in and out.

I’m not lying when I tell you that they have the best apple fritters in the Oklahoma City metro, I have never had an apple fritter with so much apple. Has to be at least half an apple in each one. Not too much cinnamon or glaze, these are seriously the best fritters in town. I also love their donuts, just regular light fluffy donuts with different toppings. The chocolate and maple are always favorites. And not to leave out their sausage rolls. The small ones are breakfast sausage sized with dough wrapped around them. The larger ones are sausage patties with cheese and the dough wrapped around it all. I like both but feel there is just too much dough for my liking in a breakfast food.

Service is always great and the employees are always friendly. I recommend stopping by and trying those apple fritters. I will give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 8368 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany.

Food Friday: Stray Dog Café

Bethany doesn’t seem like a big town even though it’s surrounded by Oklahoma City.  On old Route 66 you can still find a small downtown area that is thriving with small shops and local businesses.  You can also find the Stray Dog Café, a great place to enjoy breakfast or lunch.

This is a small café- not much room, so it gets full quickly.  We try to visit on off days, tried once to go on a Saturday- no, too many people.  Usually we seat ourselves and the wait staff is quick to bring menus and a dog dish filled with fresh popcorn.  Seems a bit odd but it follows the theme.  I’m always too late for breakfast (can’t get up that early) but the menu items look good.  All I’ve had is their lunch menu- burgers and hot dogs.  I’ve tried several of the burgers and liked them all.  The fries are good as are the onion rings.  My favorites are the hot dogs- Mae always gets the mac and cheese dog.  Yes it is smothered in extra cheesy mac and cheese and just for fun you can get it with a side of mac and cheese (yes Mae did that one visit).  I had a bite, it was good I really liked the extra cheese melted on top.  My go-to hot dog is wrapped in bacon and deep-fried.  Really is as good as it sounds.

The staff is always friendly and attentive.  I’ve never had a long wait for food.  The only problem is the location on Route 66 (or NW 39th St, which ever you want to use) is hard to get in and out of if you park in front.  So just go around the block and you’ll find a huge parking lot with an entrance on the back of the café as well.  Also check their Facebook page, the hours change with them closing early some nights and staying open later on others.

Address: 6722 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany, OK

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