Come and travel Oklahoma with me.

While in Lawton a few years ago we found Backporch Drafthouse. It was in a small strip mall of Gore Boulevard, and we liked it. I then forgot about it until this past spring when work started on a restaurant building on NW Expressway that had been home to many other businesses. Once I saw the sign for Backporch go up, I remembered we tried them in Lawton and got excited.

They officially opened in early July and we were there soon afterward. I tried the big ass chicken biscuit while Big K had the breakfast on a bun. They weren’t joking when this was named the big ass biscuit, it was huge with a big piece of fried chicken on top with cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage gravy. It was so good. The biscuit was flakey and buttery, the fried chicken had a crisp batter, the eggs were scrambled with a cheddar cheese that had a slight sharpness. The thick bacon was cooked perfectly and the sausage gravy tied it all together. Big K liked his breakfast on a bun, said it tasted good. We really enjoyed this visit and guess what, I forgot about it. I drive by it all the time but would forget it was there. I finally remembered again last Friday night, it was busy but there were a few seats open. We tried the jalapeno bottle caps to start. Now to be honest, these really weren’t the “bottle cap” shape I’m used to, more like strips of jalapeno. But who cares because they were really good. Nice and crisp but the heat of the jalapeno wasn’t overpowering. We both ordered the special of the month burger, French onion burger. This big burger has Swiss cheese, bacon, onions, and a very tangy French onion gravy. This burger was different but good. Juicy burger, bacon cooked crisp, the gravy was so good that I also dipped my fries in it.

Our service was great on both visits. I can’t remember what we had on our Lawton visit but I remember the food and service were good then as well. They do have an extensive menu and I’m ready to try more. I recommend a visit, they do have different burgers they feature each month, so ask. I will give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 4825 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City; 1925 West Gore Blvd., Lawton; 5370 NW Cache Rd., Lawton; 4501 S. General Bruce Dr., Temple, TX; 4214 Kell Blvd., Wichita Falls, TX; 3100 West Central Texas Expressway, Killeen, TX; 4901 State Hwy 114 Suite 110, Northlake, TX.

Yukon Christmas in the Park

My absolute favorite Christmas light display in Oklahoma is in Yukon at their city park. The three parks have over 5 million lights and 500 displays. You start the drive at NW 10th Street and Holly Avenue. There are lighted snowmen pointing the way, the traffic usually starts right here, so be prepared to wait. The first park you will go through is the Yukon City Park. It’s a nice drive down a wooded lane with displays on both sides of the road. As you get near the pond, there will be places to park. You can get out and walk around or keep driving. As you get back to Holly Avenue, you will turn to the west (right) and head to the next park.

Not much driving to Freedom Trail Park. If you don’t know it’s there you’ll miss it but this small park has a bigger parking area. You can walk to the other 2 parks or just drive through. It’s really just circling around the parking lot but there are displays set up. If you get out to walk, there are plenty of selfie stations to take pictures. Mulvey Pond is right there with bridges lit up as well as great views of the large displays across the water. Really is beautiful the way light reflects off the water.

The last park is a longer drive north on Holly Avenue (right again), then back east on Vandament Avenue. Traffic is always backed up here as well, but you will only go a bit before you can turn (right once more) and be in the last park, Chisholm Trail Park. This is where you’ll find the ice-skating rink and the park train. This is where the biggest parking lot is but be careful, it’s dark and lots of people running around. While I haven’t tried ice skating, and with my knees probably won’t, it looks fun. My favorite part is the ride on the park train. It’s always done up in lights, grab one of their blankets they have to borrow, and take a ride through Chisholm Trail Park on it. Takes about 20 minutes but always worth it. Another of my favorite things to do is hike to the top of the hill just south of the parking lot. Not for the weak of heart but it is really worth the view. You can see all 3 parks, lights twinkling off the water, the train traveling through, perfect for photos. You can also walk the trails in the park and find more opportunities for selfies or pictures of family (if you don’t want to be in the pic). The new Santa bus is always fun for group photos.

If you don’t want to do any of these things, just keep driving and you get to the last part of this Christmas journey. Past the parking lot, you are on another small tree lined road. There are displays next to the road plus you can see everything further into the park (where the train runs). The very last parking lot is where you can stop and watch the tree with dancing lights. There is a radio station you can turn on and listen to the Christmas music. The park is free to drive through but they take donations, usually the costumed characters are in the last lot taking donations.

The first time I remember driving through it was in December of 1996. We had just moved to NW Oklahoma City and this was close. We loved driving through, the traffic wasn’t bad yet, so you could drive through in about 30 minutes. There were also only 2 parks at that time, the last park got lights later. They also used to leave the lights on all night, we went through one night after midnight in the fog. Was so pretty, never have seen it like that again. When my daughter was younger, this light display was used as a reward for good behavior. One year we went through well over 20 times. Even with the traffic, this is one of my favorite Christmas light displays in Oklahoma. Hope you have fun while visiting.

There aren’t a lot of local breakfast restaurants in the OKC metro. We are getting some but could always use more. I was excited over the summer to see a new cafe pop up on NW Expressway and finally tried them a few weeks ago.

I really like breakfast type food, really helps to start my day with eggs and bacon. I like pancakes and French toast as well but the sugar drags me down for the day but the proteins really get my energy up for the day. We stopped by around 9a on a Saturday morning to try this new cafe. Walked in a got a seat quickly, they have a large menu and I wanted to try something different. I went with the meat lovers bowl. Two eggs scrambled with bacon, ham, and sausage over country fried potatoes with a generous topping of cheese, this bowl was huge. The country fried potatoes were perfect, hard to find them done right. There was lots of meat mixed with the eggs, no skimping here. I loved the flavors of everything mixed together. I had hashbrowns as a side and they were also fried to a crisp, really good. Big K got the Mexican omelette, 3 eggs mixed with chorizo, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos just to give it a kick. He also had biscuits and gravy as his side. He loved everything, said he loved the jalapenos in the omelette, gave it a nice kick.

Overall, it was a great visit and I look forward to many more. The service was wonderful and the servers were friendly. The strip mall that it is located in doesn’t have great parking, so even though the lot looks packed, the restaurant isn’t. Most people were at the salon next door. I will give them 5 strips of bacon to go with that breakfast bowl.

Address: 6210 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City.


On this Friday before Thanksgiving, I would like to take a moment to honor those in my life who mean the most to me.

I am thankful for being born to 4 of the greatest grandparents who ever lived. They were wonderful people who taught me not only to work hard but to keep learning. None of the 4 went to college but all appreciated the value of education. They were always learning something new and made sure I understood that your education was something that no one could take from you. I make it a point to educate myself on something every day. I’m also thankful to marry into a family with 4 more wonderful grandparents who reinforced everything I was taught by my birth grandparents.

I’m thankful for my daughter. I never thought I would become a mother, I had been told by doctors that I would never be pregnant. Needless to say, even though we were trying, we were surprised. After a difficult pregnancy that ended dramatically, I had the sweetest baby. She really wasn’t any trouble until she learned to talk at a year old. She has been a pleasure to not just watch but help guide her into young adulthood. Even now she’s good for a laugh, definitely inherited our sense of humor.

I am most thankful for my husband. He really is the greatest person I’ve even met. There were many times between 1986-1995 that we should have met, we were in the same place at the same time more than once. I even remember seeing him driving through the old Pratt parking lot in his beat-up Buick when I was about 16 or 17. I just remember the loud primer car with the young guy driving through, a girl next to him. Turns out that was his sister, who worked next door at the Showbiz Pizza. We were at car shows and air shows at the same time but finally a fateful day in April 1995 brought us together and we’ve been together ever since. He has helped me through so much and knows me better than I know myself. He’s the one who encouraged me to go back into journalism with this blog in 2015, and after quitting my job last year, has encouraged me to grow the site. He truly changed the direction of my life and I am forever thankful for that. Not only do I have a wonderful family, a nice home, cars that run (if you knew my history, you would understand), tolerable pets, and have been to 34 states and Canada. The last 27 years have been fun and looking forward to more trips and more to learn.

I also want to thank all of you who have been reading my blog, watching my videos, and following me on Facebook. I hope you all enjoy my thoughts and look forward to interacting with more of you in the coming year. Hope you all will like what I have planned, I expect to add way more next year.

Thanks to all,

Bre, The Fat Okie

Food Friday: 405 Pizza

I love trying new local pizza places. 405 Pizza has been in west Edmond for a couple years and over the summer I had a chance to try it. Since then, we’ve been back a couple times. They are just a simple small pizza restaurant.

To start, we have their garlic cheese bread. This is just a cheesy goodness. I like when there is more cheese than crust and this cheese bread is perfect. Next up is their pizza, we’ve had a couple different kinds and they have all been great. A nice light flavor to the crust and plenty of cheese and toppings. We also tried a calzone on our last visit, that was also good. Stuffed so full that it got messy (and messy is always good with food).

The customer service has always been good and the restaurant clean. We have also gotten takeout, which went well. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 2125 NW 178th St., Edmond.

Food Friday: Coffee Jerks

Since the new family thing is coffee, I’ve been keeping a list of new places to try. I present them to the family when we’re all together. This last visit home for Mae she decided to try Coffee Jerks. We’re close to the Yukon location, so that’s where we went.

I was surprised that we were the only people there at 9a on a Saturday morning but I like when a place isn’t too busy. We all ordered quickly and sat in the cute area they have made to mimic sitting outside. I got a Caramel Creek frappe while Big K got a Snickers frappe, Mae went the warm route and had a plain mocha. We also got some breakfast, I got the stuffed waffle while Big K just went with a plain sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, once again Mae had to be different and got an apple Danish. My frappe was really good, with globs of caramel at the bottom of the cup. I really enjoyed the stuffed waffle, it had egg, cheese, and sausage stuffed inside a waffle. I could easily dunk it in the syrup that came with it. Big K liked everything he had as well, and Mae was happy with the Danish as it was warm with a touch of cinnamon.

I’m excited to add Coffee Jerks to my list of regular places to get breakfast. The service and food was outstanding. I also loved the seating area, we could just sit and talk, great way to start the day. Coffee Jerks has been in business since 2017 and now have 3 locations in the north and west Oklahoma City metro area. I give the 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 2820 NW 122nd. St., Oklahoma City; 17784 N MacArthur Blvd., Deer Creek-Edmond; 825 E Main St. Unit 125, Yukon.

Food Friday: Spark

I found a great new place for burgers here in Oklahoma City last Saturday, plus afterward you can enjoy Scissortail Park. Spark opened a year ago at the north end of Scissortail Park. Even though this is in a city park it’s owned by The Social Order Dining Collective, the same group that owns Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. I had heard through different sources that they had a good burger, so we stopped to try it.

It was a nice Saturday to go to the park, so we strolled through flowers to the small building that contains the restaurant. We were there right at the end of the lunch crowd, so we ordered quickly and found a good seat. At the counter you give them your phone number and they text when your order is ready, so you can sit inside or out in the park. Didn’t take too long for me to get that text, so we could try our food. For my first visit I tried the BLC Spark burger, a perfect burger patty with bacon, crispy fried cheddar cheese slice, thick pickles, pimento cheese, and prairie ranch. This was an awesome burger, so much flavor. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good but wow. The fried cheese slice gave it a crunch that was different. The tang that came from the mix of pimento cheese and ranch was also surprisingly good. It was also a good size burger, not small. Big K got the same burger that I did but Miss Mae got a corndog. It was a footlong Schwab dog coated in cornbread, she said it was good, tasted like a fair corndog. We also got to share bacon cheese fries and pink fries. The bacon cheese fries were really good, the cheese sauce had a nice flavor and the bacon was crisp. The pink fries were really good, the pink is an aioli that has a nice tang to it with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. I really liked the pink fries the best, better than I was expecting.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by just how good everything was, just wasn’t expecting anything this good in a park. This really is one of the best burgers in the Oklahoma City metro. The service was great as well and the employees were friendly. Afterward we walked around and looked at more of the fall flowers blooming along the sidewalks. It was an enjoyable trip. I give them 5 slices of bacon.

Address: 300 Oklahoma City Blvd., Oklahoma City.

I am a big fan of Greek and Mediterranean food, so I was interested when I saw a new place pop up on Hefner Road just west of Rockwell. After a couple of visits, it’s now one of my favorite places for a gyro in the OKC metro.

This is a small family run restaurant that opened just a few months ago, its location is hard to overlook. In a small strip mall near a gymnastics training center, the parking lot looks busy because of the parents at the gym. They have a basic Mediterranean menu, with salads, gyros, falafels, and kebobs. I have gotten the gyro meal every time, so far. The pita is filled with gyro meat, onions, tomatoes, black olives, and feta cheese. It’s just the right size to pick up and eat, not too big. The meal comes with a side of either tater tots or fries, I have tried both and they were good. I finish off the meal with dark chocolate baklava. I love regular baklava, so putting a topping of dark chocolate on it is an extra special treat.

Overall I feel that this is a hidden gem in Oklahoma City, I know more will discover it. The service is great and the restaurant always clean. I will give them 5 strips of bacon with that dark chocolate baklava.

Address: 7202 W Hefner Rd., Oklahoma City.

A few weeks ago we had a nice weekend, so we went east on old Route 66. After a quick drive through Wellston, we found The Butcher BBQ Stand where 66B joins Route 66 on the east side of town. I had read about them online and knew if you weren’t in line early, you might not get any food. It was already after noon but we decided to stop anyway.

There was no line outside, so I thought that was a good sign until we got inside and saw the line that went around the dining area. Since we had come that far we decided to stay and see how long it would take. Now to be honest, the line did move pretty well but it still took us 30 minutes before we got to the front to order. Fortunately, they still had quite a bit of food still available, Big K got the rednexican nachos and I got a 2-meat plate with sausage and burnt ends. Before we even got to a table, our dinner was ready. I was surprised by the amount of food on the plate, there was a lot. Not just the 2 meats but sides of potato salad and mac and cheese as well as a huge piece of Texas toast. I jumped right in with the sausage, it had a smoky flavor, quite good. Now the burnt ends were great, melted in my mouth. Perfect combination of fat and meat, and crisp but tender. These were true meat candy and I highly recommend them. The potato salad was good as well but the homemade mac and cheese really stood out. Spiral pasta in a rich cheese sauce that had a sharpness to it that gave it a bit of a kick. Now the rednexican nachos that Big K got were the same way, lots of food piled on a tray. He got his nachos piled high with pulled pork, with creamy queso and barbecue sauce over top. He thought they were some of the best nachos he had ever eaten. Very flavorful with the different combination of food.

So I will highly recommend a drive up old Route 66 to Wellston for The Butcher BBQ Stand. It’s even worth the wait to stand in line. This was easily the best barbeque I’ve had in Oklahoma in a while. The service was great, very friendly employees. I will give the 5 strips of bacon with some of those burnt ends.


If you are planning a trip to Texas anytime soon, you need to include a stop at Buc-ee’s along the way. Yes, it’s a convenience store and gas station, but it’s also bunch of silly fun on a long road trip. I had first heard about it from friends, they would tell me how great this place was, about how you could buy silly stuff and souvenirs. Finally, a few years ago we were in Texas and stopped at one.

We needed gas anyway and with 80+ pumps at their stores, it seemed like a good place to stop. When you walk in, you are hit with the size of the store. I have been in Target stores that are smaller, you can get clothes, housewares, even hunting and fishing gear. The big draw is their food section and their bathrooms. Not going to lie, I love their bathrooms. So clean, and huge, plus there are signal lights over each stall. Green is empty, red is occupied. Makes it easy on everyone wanting to use the bathrooms. Then the food- they prepare food made to order. The sausage on a stick is one of my favorites. There are aisles of candy and a whole huge wall of beef jerky in different flavors. You can’t walk away without a souvenir, their t-shirts sell really well (I have a few now) and they also have socks and adult pajamas. I’m ready to brave the Texas traffic for another visit. Yes there are locations outside of Texas but none in Oklahoma yet. Hopefully that changes soon.

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