Come and travel Oklahoma with me.

While walking around the town square in Altus, I kept being hit with the unmistakable smell of fajitas cooking. The smell drew me into a small little building on the corner of US Highway 62 and Hudson Street. This little place is a true hidden gem in Altus.

I like to judge a Mexican restaurant on their chimichangas, these were different than I have had anywhere else. I got 3 small chimichangas (instead of the normal big one), with the usual side of beans and rice. There was actually something refreshing with these chimichangas, they weren’t drenched in sauce, they were just plain which allowed me to experience more of the meat and fried tortilla flavors. The ground beef inside was spiced nicely with just a bit of cheese and the tortillas didn’t have that greasy taste that sometimes is a downside of chimichangas. The rise was really good, had a buttery Hispanic taste that was also something that was refreshing. The refried beans were more of a soup type than what I’m used to as well. I’m still torn on them but I know there are people who like them to be runny. The chips and salsa were also good, the chips were fresh and light, the salsa had a good kick to it.

So if you find yourself in Altus, take a walk around their historic town square and stop in at Taqueria Hernandez. The staff was friendly and the decor was beautiful, with hand painted walls. The outside of the building has a look that reminds me of the old 1950’s diners. I’ll give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 101 N. Hudson St., Altus.


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