Come and travel Oklahoma with me.

We sent Miss Mae back to Norman for the spring semester last week but of course some of her books hadn’t arrived before she left. They showed up a few days later and on Saturday morning we decided to deliver them as well as take her out for breakfast at one of her many favorite places to enjoy a coffee, Haystack Coffee.

This small coffee shop is run by the OU Baptist Collegiate Ministry and is just southwest of the campus dorms. It was quiet on Saturday morning, just another small group was meeting there, so we just sat and enjoyed our coffee while conversing about the upcoming semester. All 3 of us thought the snowman latte sounded good. This special latte for winter has peppermint, maple, cinnamon, white chocolate, espresso, and whipped cream. It was different but good. Each sip you could just get a hint of each flavor, it was the perfect drink for the cool morning. We also had some cinnamon rolls made for Haystack by Buttercream Bakery. These came in small containers and could be heated, a nice sized roll with lots of buttercream icing topping it.

Haystack Coffee is a straight up coffee shop that was started in 2019. Even though it’s in the ministry building, the coffee shop is separate from the rest of the building. Even though it is near the campus, it is not part of OU. It’s right across the street to the south of the old Stubbeman Village and to the southwest of Adams Tower, both will be demolished soon. You will need to text your tag number to a verification service to prove you are a customer and not just parking there to go to a game or class. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 1203 Elm Ave., Norman.


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