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Food Friday: Donut Man

Imagine sitting at the light to turn from May to NW 36th, as you start to turn you see a cute van in red and white. I had just enough time to read Donut Man on the side, when I got home I looked it up. There was the cute van and it was a food truck. I started following the Facebook page right then and kept track of their location. Problem was, there was never a point that we would be in the same area at the same time. For years I have wanted to try these donuts and finally the stars aligned last Saturday. Normally he parks somewhere in Mustang on Saturday mornings and I was going to be in Mustang for the Old Volks Show.

We hunted the Donut Man van down at Highway 152 and Mustang Road, he was parked in a commercial parking lot. The line wasn’t long, so I had time to take pictures of this adorable little van while Big K and Mae ordered. We had already decided to get a “bucket”, 35 mini donuts and we just mixed and matched the flavors. These are made fresh in the van, so it was a short wait but it was worth it. Served up warm, these donuts are the best donuts I have ever eaten (and I will call myself a donut expert). They aren’t quite as light as a Krispy Kreme but much lighter than most at “regular” donut shops. Not too sweet either, the toppings take care of that part. We got blueberry, maple, Oreo, and caramel as our toppings. The 3 of us had no trouble taking down these mini donuts and had to leave before we got more.

Looks like the Donut Man has been around for about 4 years. As for his van, it’s name is Kirby and it’s a 1956 International Metro. These vans were produced in different variations by International from 1938 to 1975. They were mostly used as delivery vans, this one in particular was a mail truck in California.

I will say these are definitely the best donuts in the OKC metro, and for that matter, the state. Follow the Donut Man on Facebook to find out where he will be each weekend. I have seen that he travels all over the metro area. I will give him 5 strips of bacon as long as they come with some donuts.

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