Come and travel Oklahoma with me.


If you are planning a trip to Texas anytime soon, you need to include a stop at Buc-ee’s along the way. Yes, it’s a convenience store and gas station, but it’s also bunch of silly fun on a long road trip. I had first heard about it from friends, they would tell me how great this place was, about how you could buy silly stuff and souvenirs. Finally, a few years ago we were in Texas and stopped at one.

We needed gas anyway and with 80+ pumps at their stores, it seemed like a good place to stop. When you walk in, you are hit with the size of the store. I have been in Target stores that are smaller, you can get clothes, housewares, even hunting and fishing gear. The big draw is their food section and their bathrooms. Not going to lie, I love their bathrooms. So clean, and huge, plus there are signal lights over each stall. Green is empty, red is occupied. Makes it easy on everyone wanting to use the bathrooms. Then the food- they prepare food made to order. The sausage on a stick is one of my favorites. There are aisles of candy and a whole huge wall of beef jerky in different flavors. You can’t walk away without a souvenir, their t-shirts sell really well (I have a few now) and they also have socks and adult pajamas. I’m ready to brave the Texas traffic for another visit. Yes there are locations outside of Texas but none in Oklahoma yet. Hopefully that changes soon.

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