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Food Friday: Cheever’s Cafe

bacon blue cheese chips at cheevers

Bacon Blue Cheese Chips

Finally after hearing about Cheever’s Café for many years I got the chance to visit in early October on a Saturday afternoon (while my beloved Sooners were losing to tx, it’s ok we got revenge in the Big 12 Championship game).  It was a great dinner to enjoy without my daughter to complain.

This is upscale dining, usually you need a reservation but being a slow because of the game,  we just walked right in.  We were seated quickly by a very nice waitress in the corner of the former flower shop.  The menu isn’t large and we wanted to start with something different, so we chose the Bacon Blue Cheese chips.  These were soooo good.  You have kettle cooked chips with bacon, onions, and blue cheese crumbles within a blue cheese fondue.  Just the mix of flavors were incredible- salty from the chips and bacon, with the tangy blue cheese.  I very highly recommend trying this appetizer.

For our entrée, we both had the chicken fried steak.  I had heard it was one of the best in town and it certainly lived up to its reputation.  The steak itself was very tender and the breading was perfect as well.  The jalapeno cream gravy really helped set this chicken fry apart from others, the slight heat gave just a little kick to the taste.  The potatoes were hiding under the steak, they were good but not outstanding.  My only real complaint with the steak is that it was small.  I’m used to plate size chicken fried steaks, so this tiny little thing was a bit disappointing.  But overall the taste was good.

The service was great.  Our waitress was very attentive and helpful, the restaurant was clean.  The history of the building is also fascinating, built in 1938 as a flower shop, it still has the flower display case that was purchased in Chicago.  The building was used as a flower shop by the Cheever’s family until the 1990’s.  The Cheever’s family also has an interesting piece of history, the matriarch Oklahoma Belle Cheever was the first baby born in Oklahoma City on May 19, 1889.

Located right off NW 23rd St, it can be a bit difficult to find at first and the parking sucks but it’s worth the trip.  I give it 4 strips of bacon just because the steak was too small.


Address: 2409 N Hudson, Oklahoma City.

chicken fried steak at cheevers

Chicken Fried Steak with potatoes hiding under it.

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