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Food Friday: Baba G’s

baba g's

It’s not often that I get my ideas for dinner from a movie but that is just how I discovered shawarma.  So if you’ve seen the first Avengers movie you know there is a scene near the end when Tony Stark wakes up from being beaten up by the Chitauri, he suggests to his fellow Avengers that he wants shawarma for dinner.  Then the post credit scene has the Avengers sitting at a table eating shawarma.  This scene is totally hilarious and got me to wondering, what in the hell is shawarma?  After some research, I decided I wouldn’t mind trying it and found a place on Memorial Road that serves it up.

On the Northeast corner of Memorial and Meridian (across the turnpike, north of the Mercy Hilton, I mean Mercy Hospital) is a rather large strip mall with all types of businesses.  Baba G. Mediterranean Grill is on the very end of the mall, closest to Memorial Road.  They have a good selection of other food such as gyros and salads but I was there for shawarma.  You can get it in a pita, plate or bowl.  I always get mine in a fresh-baked pita which they fill with your selection of steak or chicken.  Then you get to put in some veggies, I highly recommend the Arabic pickles.  I’m a pickle lover and these are so different, not sweet or kosher, almost a dill taste but not quite.  Then add some tzatziki sauce and it’s ready to eat.  I always get a combo that you can get with seasoned fries or you can go for their homemade hummus.  Now if you’re like me, I was skeptical of hummus.  Tried some at a work party many years ago and hated it, swore I would never put it in my mouth again.  My husband changed my mind on a visit, he got the hummus and it was great.  Had a fresh taste that I just can’t find with the store-bought stuff.

The staff is always great and the place is clean.  They have opened a location in Edmond recently, I haven’t tried it yet.  So if you want to pretend you’re an avenger, stop by and get some shawarma.  I give it 5 strips of bacon.

Address: 4401 W. Memorial Road, Oklahoma City; 1165 E. 2nd St. Edmond.


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