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Update Jan 2023:  They have reopened in Hydro, new address 104 E Main Street.

Update Sept 1st, 2021:  Closed.

I love getting on the roads and small highways in Oklahoma.  I love driving to small towns.  I stop for a while, walk around, talk to people, learn about the town.  A few weeks ago I took off, with no destination in mind, driving towards the southwest on two lane highways and I eventually ended in Hinton.  I can talk more about the history of Hinton later but while I was there I tried a little restaurant on U.S. Highway 281.  Wow- I was completely blown away by how good it was.

Gloria’s Kitchen sits on the north side of Hinton on U.S. Highway 281.  A big barn like building, there is the restaurant on the front and an antique store on the back.  I had originally just stopped at the store but you can easily go from the store to the restaurant through a doorway.  Between the fact I could smell the food and saw a sign advertising bread pudding, decided it was time for lunch.  I walked in towards the menu- burgers, steaks, even salads, but I wasn’t real hungry.  At this point a nice gentleman came in next to me and told me to try a bacon cheeseburger.  I replied that I wasn’t that hungry and I needed to save room for the bread pudding so I was going to get something small.  He walked away before I ordered a patty melt.  It wasn’t very busy so it didn’t take long for my meal to arrive.  Remember I wasn’t very hungry, so imagine my shock when they place a huge patty melt with a mountain of fries next to it in front of me.  I decided that maybe I was hungry after all and got to work.  The patty melt was really good- served on texas toast, it was extra buttery, extra cheesy, just the right amount of onion to go with a hamburger patty seasoned to perfection.  The pile of hand cut fries that came with it were just as good.  About halfway through, the man I had talked to came back into the restaurant looked at me and said, “I thought you weren’t that hungry?”  I had to reply that I didn’t expect there to be so much food.  I was stuffed after eating this big meal but still made room for the bread pudding.  The slice was good as well, the only downside was I felt it needed more sauce.

Overall it was a great visit to Gloria’s Kitchen.  The staff was very nice and everyone I came in contact with was friendly.  The food was great but I’m warning you, be prepared to eat or get a to go box.  It is worth the time to get off I-40 and head about 3 miles south on U.S. Highway 281.  I’m going to give it five strips of bacon.

Address: 1206 Broadway, Hinton, OK.  Broadway and U.S. Highway 281 are the same through Hinton.  Gloria’s Kitchen is north of downtown Hinton.


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