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Well lets try this and see what happens.

Greetings to all who find this blog.  I’m new at this, so I get to learn as I go along.  I’m Bre, the Fat Okie.  I was going to call it Short, Fat Okie after a line in a song my dad wrote but I decided I’m not really short, just average.  But I have the fat part covered as well as the Okie part.  I’m the 4th generation of my family born in Oklahoma.  Either we like it here or are too stupid to leave.  Seriously, I do like it here, with all the problems that come along with it like allergies, tornadoes, earthquakes, bad drivers, stupid politicians and Texans.

I’ve been so many places around here that people are always asking for my opinion, “Is this a good place to eat?” or “Have you been to this museum?”.  So I plan to give you my honest opinion of places I go, I’m not being paid to talk places up like some tv shows or magazines.  I also hope to get some history into this blog- I’m kind of a history nerd when it comes to Oklahoma.  I’m also going to let my daughter, Mae, get involved as well.  She’s a very opinionated pre-teen who will have lots to say about where we go (and she will also be doing bathroom reviews, since she seems to love public bathrooms).

So I hope you enjoy this blog and come back to see where I’ve been and what I’ve seen,


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