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Museum of Osteology

Whale skeleton 2Museum of OsteologyA couple weeks ago we had a free day from school so we traveled to southeast Oklahoma City to the Museum of Osteology.  Located in a big building on south Sunnylane just short of SW 104th Street, this is really a cool place once you get over the fact that everything there is dead.

Ok, so I know the obvious question is what is a museum of osteology and why would you want to go there?  Let’s start with the what- osteology is the study of bones.  Yes like the ones under everyone’s skin, except for my cat Belle, who seems to be made out of Jello but that’s a different topic.  So this museum is full of bones.  From all different creatures such as cats, dogs, horses, whales, giraffes, and even humans.  Seriously, after you get over the eewww factor this is really an interesting place.  Now for the why- because it’s fascinating to see all of these skeletons and learn about the differences in each species.  They have a display with dog skulls so you can see the difference in the breeds, another has a display with cat skeletons where you can see the similarities between house cats with their larger cousins such as tigers and lions (Ok if house cats do have skeletons why is Belle just a bag of skin that meows?).  They even have a cute display with the creatures of Oklahoma, you know opossums, skunks, raccoons, beavers, and even a buffalo.  But the most striking displays are the ones in the open center of the building, nothing gets your attention like a huge whale hanging from the ceiling or a giraffe looking down on you.

Cat skeletons

Cat skeletons at the Museum of Osteology, 2017.

So a little history behind the museum, it was opened in 2010 by Jay Villemarette, who owns Skulls Unlimited International.  He opened the museum to showcase the skeletons he had collected over the years while in the business of preparing skeletons for schools, museums, and the entertainment industry.

This really is a cool place to go and spend a couple of hours.  Great place for adults and older kids, maybe 8 and up.  While we were there we encountered a field trip of mostly Kindergarten kids and I just don’t think they really understood why they were there or what they were looking at.  As long as you have an interest in anatomy, osteology, or just anything different this is the right place to be.  I highly recommend it.

Museum of Osteology- 10301 S. Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City.








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    It is a cool place to visit. The museum shop has neat stuff to buy also..mary c


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