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Fat Okie Far from Home: Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota

Last week I talked about Spearfish Canyon, just off the highway is Roughlock Falls. The turn to get to the falls is at the turn for Spearfish Canyon Lodge. It’s on the west side of US Highway 14A. Almost seems that you are just turning to the lodge parking lot but go beyond to the dirt road.

These falls are created from Little Spearfish Creek running through the canyon. The water is clear and cool. You can see the small brook trout swimming around in the pools.

There are places to sit and put your feet in the water. I highly suggest doing it, my feet felt great for almost a month afterward. The cool, clean water seemed to rejuvenate my feet. I wish I could get something like that experience at home.

You can hike the creek to the falls or you can drive about a mile or so to a parking area. There are bridges and walkways, along with bathrooms. Overall this is a beautiful place to visit, hope you get a chance.

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