Come and travel Oklahoma with me.

Over the years I have heard a lot about Runza. I married into a huge family from Nebraska and they always talk about how good Runza sandwiches are and that I should try one. In May I finally got my chance to try a Runza.

This sandwich is a Nebraska favorite. It’s a strange sandwich, ground beef and cabbage stuffed into a soft, hot hoagie type roll. You can get it with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onions, and anything else they are able to put on it. The sandwich really sounds like something I would hate but I ended up loving it. Served steaming hot, the fresh bread is the first thing you notice. It’s soft, not too chewy. Then you get the meat, the spices and cabbage actually give the meat a flavor that is different. I would say it’s about the size of a 6-inch sub, so you do get a good meal out of it. Then there are the sides, French fries, onion rings, or both called Frings. I got the Frings, both the fries and onion rings were deep fried perfectly. The onion rings are hand cut every day. The fries seemed to be just normal crinkle fries.

You can find Runza sandwiches all over the state of Nebraska. There are a few in other states but only around Nebraska. They stay close to Nebraska to keep everything fresh. The restaurant chain was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1949. They expanded from there. I’ve been told that their burgers are also really good but I can get a burger any time here in Oklahoma, I can only get a Runza in Nebraska. If you ever travel to or through Nebraska be sure to stop and try a Runza. 5 strips of bacon.

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