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Food Friday: Chicken Foot

There are a lot of choices for good chicken sandwiches- you can go the safe route of Chick Fil A, or the spicy local Nashbird. But I discovered a new challenger for the best chicken sandwich throne, Chicken Foot. I had heard so many of my friends loving this place that finally over the summer we stopped to try it and we’ve been back several times since.

They not only have a great chicken sandwich but the whole bird, half bird and tenders. I haven’t tried anything but the sandwich, I get the basic chick, mostly because of the bacon on it of course. It’s really good, I get it fried (not grilled). Has a good crunch on the breading with moist chicken inside. Served on a soft brioche bun with cheddar cheese and bacon. My husband is more adventurous and has gotten the sticky chicky and habanero hot. I try a bite each time, pretty good but not my style. Now the trip we made with Mae before she went to college, she got the tenders. I was lucky to get a bite and the chicken was like on the sandwich.

As good as their chicken sandwiches are, I enjoy two of their menu items more- the Okie poutine and the hot cinny bun. First I’ll start with the poutine, this is an Okie version complete with cream gravy. I’m not a fan of brown gravy ( I have a rant about brown vs cream gravy but I’ll share that some other time ), so I’ve never tried the original Canadian version of a poutine. This version is really good, the fries are crisp as are the bacon pieces. The cream gravy mixes well with the cheddar cheese on top. It comes in a huge tray with enough for the whole table. I have also tried the honey butter my biscuits, they were good as well. Light and buttery, good to share with the table as well.

But I need to take a whole paragraph to describe the hot cinny bun. I have had lots of cinnamon buns in my life time. Many have come from the Pillsbury roll, seriously I was in my 20’s before I realized they didn’t always come in the little tube. Since then I have had many homemade cinnamon rolls including the good ones from Okarche. These are the best I’ve ever had- first of all, the roll is huge, I’m not joking, huge. It comes on it’s own platter. It’s right out of the oven, so still steaming hot with the best warm buttercream icing that I have ever tasted. There is so much icing that the huge roll is swimming in it. The roll itself is buttery and gooey with the right amount of cinnamon. I love this roll so much I might not ever be able to eat them out of the tube again.

Located in the new Chisholm Creek entertainment district in NW Oklahoma City at Western and Memorial, just southwest of the Kilpatrick turnpike. It sits up against Memorial Road, right east of the pond. There is a giant fiberglass chicken that sits between the building and the pond. There is indoor and outdoor seating, so good for anytime of the day. I give them 5 strips of bacon.

Address:1316 W Memorial Rd, Suite 100, Oklahoma City.

Basic chick sandwich
Okie Poutine
Hot Cinny Bun

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