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Closings, Openings, and Dead Computers

DSCN6942So the past few months have been interesting- I’ve been to some cool historic places in Oklahoma and I’ve eaten lots of good food but I haven’t had time to tell everyone about it.  Unfortunately, my real paying job has been taking up too much of my time.  That combined with the fact my desktop computer crashed has been keeping my posts to a minimum.  You know, you pay $1000 for a computer 9 years ago and expect it to last a while.  It was so old, it was still running Windows Vista.  Today I finally found a work around with the computer issue, see I type use my tablet for typing my posts and the desktop for my pictures.  I found a way to get the pictures on to my tablet now bypassing the desktop, so hopefully I can get back to my history and my Food Fridays.

Speaking of Food Fridays, like I said, I’ve been to some good (and not so good) places to eat recently but have found out recently that three of those places are already out of business.  The most shocking to me was the Spaghetti Warehouse in Bricktown.  Opened in 1989 in the former Oklahoma Furniture Manufacturing building, it was a chain restaurant but it had a cool historic location.  I had been there once back in the mid 1990’s, on an early date with my now husband.  Food was good but I hate the crowds in Bricktown, so we never went back- until a few weeks ago.  We had gotten a gift card to use at the restaurant and on a chilly Saturday morning beat the crowds and had a nice lunch.  Food was ok, but it was the atmosphere and architecture of this old warehouse that really impressed me.  So yeah, it was a shock to find out 10 days later that they were closing for good.  No loss so much on the food, but I hope that someone finds a good use for that beautiful historic building.

Two other local restaurants are also gone- Hunan Garden and Coney Island Express.  Hunan Garden, located at 9218 N. Council, closed a few weeks ago after 27 years in Oklahoma City.  No reason was given.  Sad because they had a different selection from the other Chinese buffets in town.  The fact they also had cute pandas all over the walls also made going there a treat.  And the Coney Island Express that opened a few months ago at the corner of Hefner Road and Rockwell didn’t last too long.  A banner out front says closed for remodeling but since the business signs have been taken down, I don’t think it’s coming back.  Good riddance, the service was horrible and the food not much better.  Seriously, I could go to Crest, get hot dogs, chili, buns, and it be better than what I ate when I visited.  The fact they tried to rip me off didn’t help my opinion of the place.

Even though I hate most chain restaurants, I am excited about the new Zaxby’s that are popping up around town.  Tried them last year while on vacation in Asheville, North Carolina, liked them a lot.  Wish some other chains would come in now like In N Out, White Castle, and Culvers. So now lets get back to traveling and eating around Oklahoma.



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