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Victoria's 3I try to look for new local places to eat, so while driving on SW 104th street I was keeping an eye out for something different.  After seeing way too many national chain restaurants, I was about to settle on stopping at Crest to get some generic microwaveable lunch when  as I pulled in I saw a sign for Victoria’s- The Pasta Shop.  Well this has got to be better than that prepackaged slop from Crest, so I stopped to check it out.

Located at the end of the strip mall that runs along the north side of Crest, I was seated immediately.  The menu was fairly simple, only a few appetizers and a limited number of entrée’s.  I ordered stuffed mushrooms to start and they were brought out quickly.  Over a dozen mushrooms caps, filled with pesto and onions, covered with cheese.  They had a great flavor and I really enjoyed them.  The entrée menu had the normal spaghetti, lasagna, and fettuccine but one thing was different- lasagna rolls.  This is what I wanted to try- spinach, cheese, and shrimp rolled inside lasagna noodles covered with alfredo and marinara.  Also brought out quickly, two big lasagna rolls garnished with a large french roll on top.  This all had a good taste to it.

As I learned, there is another location in Norman near the University of Oklahoma.  Hopefully they have the same great service and atmosphere.  I give it five strips of bacon.

Address:  Oklahoma City- 3000 SW 104th Street; Norman- 327 White Street.







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