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Food Friday: The Fixx

The Fixx

Update Mar 4th, 2022:  Sadly the Fixx has closed.

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband works in Edmond which gives him many opportunities to try the new restaurants in town.  So a few weeks ago while driving down Edmond Road he noticed a new burger place had opened in a small strip mall that had just been built east of Kelly.  Called The Fixx, he stopped to have lunch there and deciding it was acceptable for me, we went a week later.

It wasn’t busy yet for a Friday night, so we got seated quickly and ordered.  I tried the Bella and Bleu, a burger with bacon, grilled portabella mushrooms, onions with blue cheese crumbles and a vinaigrette dressing.  It was just the way I like my burgers- big, greasy, and good.  The bacon had been cooked just right, not too crisp and the onions were grilled to perfection.  All burgers come with your choice of house fries or Fixx chips, I got the fries.  They were fresh cut and most were pretty long.  My husband got the Chili Cheddar burger.  He loved it and there was so much chili I couldn’t see the burger.  Now Mae just had to be different and got a hot dog with no chili (I know, the kid isn’t right).  She had no complaints, which is unusual.

The restaurant is small but the service was great, everything was clean and had a nice atmosphere.  I know the Oklahoma City metro has a lot of good burger places to the point it’s almost saturated but I also like the competition and the challenge for a new restaurant to be better than the others.  So I am highly recommending this locally owned newcomer with five strips of bacon.

Address:  644 West Edmond Road, Edmond.  South side of the road about 2 blocks east of Kelly, in a newly built strip mall.

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