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Food Friday: Bigheads


Update Mar 4th, 2022: Zac’s has now also closed.

Second Update-  October 2019- Bigheads has been reborn as Zac’s Cajun Kitchen in NW Oklahoma City.  Still have the same great po’boys.  Review to come soon.

UPDATE-  As of December 2016 Bigheads is gone.  Not sure what happened but they are no longer in business.  Sad to see them go, really loved their fried shrimp po’boys, not sure where I’m going to get them now.

So I said a few weeks ago I wasn’t a fan of Cajun food but my husband reminded me that my favorite restaurant in Edmond has Cajun food.  I forgot but for some reason I just don’t consider it Cajun even if the Po’boy was invented in Louisiana.  Bigheads on Broadway in Edmond has been serving up the best Po’boys in the metro since 2012.

Of course, he had gone first to try it out, then he took me.  I had never had a po’boy, why would you put perfectly good fried shrimp on bread like a sub.  But wow, was I wrong.  This was the best sub type sandwich I had ever eaten.  That’s why after going there for the past three years, I’ve only had the shrimp po’boy.  It’s too good for me to try anything else.  The bread is a baguette type cut down the side just like most sub sandwiches, then they pile some of the best fried shrimp in town onto it along with lettuce, tomatoes, and a mayo based spread on top.  It’s rather messy to eat and the shrimp can fall out, but when they do, I call it a special treat.  I’ve had lots of fried shrimp in my lifetime, from lots of different places and they have the best by far.  Don’t know what they are doing to make it so good but I love it.  The French fries that come with your po’boy are also the best- none of those limp, flavorless fries you get at the chain restaurants.  No these have been fried to perfection, crispy on the outside, mashed potato like on the inside.

My husband has tried a few other items on the menu and has liked them all.  But me and Mae stick with our po’boys.  Now the service is always good as well, we’ve been there so many times the employees know us.  The décor gives a fun feel of New Orleans, lots of Mardi Gras style masks on the walls, zydeco music in the air.  Like I said, it’s my favorite restaurant in Edmond and of course I give it five strips of bacon.  If you’re lucky, you might see me there, I’ll be the one with a shrimp po’boy.

Address: 617 South Broadway, Edmond, OK.  In a strip mall on the east side of the road.

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